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Housing Development

Why Consider?

Considering hiring a profesional snagger to root out the problems in your home ? Here is why that might be a good idea.

The thought of investing in a new build property can be a enticing idea. however sometimes they are not all built to the high standards and expectations we expect.

A home is one of the largest purchases in a lifetime, with new build properties being so expensive and so many of them being built you would assume they are built to a high standard and are made to last. However sadly this is very rarely the case.

New build homes have a NHBC 10-year warranty covering structural defects. Developers often provide their own 2-year warranty cover for defects including structural and lack of quality finish.

New build properties are rushed, expensive built in numbers and handed over with a very low standard of work being finished. Often homes are handed over with many faults leading to issues in the future such as leaks. Mould, cracking and buyer dissatisfaction. However, when buying a new build you have a safety net. If you have brought a new home and are unhappy with the quality of the finish then you can hire a snagger, snaggers will inspect your new build head to toe in every nook and cranny to ensure that the highest quality of finish has done and that every inch of the house is within allowance. Snaggers will go over sections such as plasterwork and paint work, loft and insulation, brickwork and cladding, fascia and soffits, tile and grouting, socket and sealants, switches and sockets, kitchens doors windows and everything you can lay your eyes on.

Snaggers will go head to toe and carry out a report with every issue detected being included on a list featuring the problems, photos and what should be done to rectify, once the report has been completed it will be handed to the client who can hand to the builders and legally under the buyer warranty, the builders will haver to rectify every problem detected ensuring you have received your money’s worth.

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