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Snag on site cards.


Our inspectors have many years of experience in the construction industry therefore with our knowledge, our aim is to ensure that you get the quality you deserve with your new build home. 

A home is one of the most expensive investments we will make in our lifetime, therefore professional finishes should be considered at the top of a list.  Sadly homes are often rushed in order to keep to schedule and therefore this comes at a cost of quality.

But we can help solve this and help make these changes possible. To have a look at our price list ...

Our Snagging and Inspection Services ...​

Loft and Instulation

Tile and Grouting

Door and Window Openings

Plasterwork and Paintwork

Kitchen and Appliances

Socket and Switches

Brickwork, Render & Cladding

Mastic and Sealants


Man inspecting home.

What Happens Next ...

After an inspection report has been completed you will receive a detailed snag report.


This will consist of a detailed list including photos and descriptions of all the issues found.


We aim to make the report easy to understand, by sending this by email, it also means you can forward to your developer and get these issues rectified.

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